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Introducing Oiii

Australian start-up Net-Cabs Pty Ltd is a new government approved taxi network service provider committed to transforming the traditional taxi experience for operators, drivers and passengers. Launching with a 300+ strong fleet in Victoria, the company's solution Oiii is responding to the disruptive business models offered by ride-sharing services.

Proudly developed in Melbourne, Oiii has been created by a dedicated team that is passionate about innovation and using the latest in technology to help improve people’s lives. The Oiii end-to-end taxi dispatch solution consists of an all-in-one in-vehicle driver system including a regulated taxi meter, an innovative smartphone taxi booking application for passengers, a web-based fleet management & taxi dispatch solution for operators and a real-time admin portal for the government regulator.

Oiii delivers location based booking, fare estimation, payment and vehicle tracking services via its feature rich taxi booking app for passengers, as well as a loyalty program slated to roll out where credits will be used to pay for future journeys.

Taxi drivers and operators benefit from Oiii’s smart in-vehicle driver system which has been designed to streamline the customer journey and provide real-time processing using the latest in mobile and cloud technologies, thereby providing the necessary boost to an industry defined by physical receipt reporting and manual processes. The fully integrated solution comes with a government approved taxi meter, enhanced maps and navigation, voice support, and incentives for drivers to build rapport with passengers to receive a positive rating and being ‘saved’ as a preferred driver.

Within Australia the taxi-industry is now increasing its focus on driver and passenger safety. All Oiii drivers are fully licensed, and a cloud-based security monitoring platform will allow authorities to monitor and transmit footage to approved personnel in real-time.

Oiii is uniquely positioned to improve the customer experience by putting passengers first and in control of their journey, thereby redefining an industry traditionally characterised by poor customer service and inefficient processes. Oiii's many passenger benefits include the abolishment of surge pricing, booking fees and credit card fees, inclusion of modern security cameras in every vehicle, free WiFi and a passenger rating system that allows passengers to select their preferred drivers for future trips. Oiii is a real game changer by making travel easy and enjoyable whilst keeping everyone safe.