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Safer. Easy to use. Affordable. Australian.

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WHY Oiii?

Taxis are dependable, legal and safe

Known costs, no surcharge as with ride-sharing servics

No more Cash or Card required. Book a ride, jump into taxi at pickup and simply jump out when you like

Have access to detailed trip history and ability to rate drivers and cars

Support the [Australian] taxi industry so it can grow

One App that works for all Taxis


We will soon launch our brand new app on Android and iOS
Oiii Passenger App


An innovative mobile application for passengers:

Location based booking service with fare estimation and vehicle tracking.

Driver and vehicle rating system.

Visibility of taxi association and driver picture.

Detailed trip history with invoices and map views.

Preference settings for taxi operators, ratings and cabin mood choice.

Loyalty program with Oiii points.

Did you know?
Some ride-sharing businesses:

Ignore the law + Do not pay taxes.
Force drivers to cover all setup and vehicle maintenance costs whilst putting drivers at risk of losing income at any time without warning
Intend to fracture the existing taxi industry to then control the market and the price of fares.